Henry Lloyd Stow (2006)

Henry Lloyd Stow graduated from the University of Chicago in 1930 and was a Ryerson Fellow at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (1932-3), where he met and fell in love with a fellow student, Hester Harrington. After completing his Ph.D. at Chicago in 1936, he married Harrington and took a position with the University of Oklahoma. Fifteen years later, while chair of the Oklahoma department Stow accepted the chairmanship of the department at Vanderbilt in 1952. He returned to the American School three times as a teacher. He remained chair at Vanderbilt until 1976, when he retired. He was so distinguished as a teacher that he won Vanderbilt's Sarratt Cup for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and continued teaching after retirement by leading alumni trips to Greece and the Mediterranean. He died August 26, 2006, at the age of 97.

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